Section 1: Course Orientation

compass In this section, you will learn to locate your course orientation and identify essential components.

What is a course orientation?

The course orientation is an introduction to the course. You will receive important information related to the course, such as the syllabus, instructor contact information and office hours, and testing and assignment deadlines.

Your course orientation can come in different formats, including but not limited to:

Your course orientation is mandatory and you must complete an orientation to begin each DL class.

If you fail to meet a DL course's orientation requirements, you may be dropped from the class. If you are unable to complete your DL Course Orientation as scheduled, contact your instructor immediately to determine if alternatives are available.

Where is my course orientation?

Refer to your course section's listing in the Course Schedule to find the orientation options and instructions for your class. Here is an example from the Course Schedule:

PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy
54321 - Internet access required. J. Doe, 223.1234, email:

MANDATORY online orientation: during 1st week of class, or attend Sat 8/21 10-11am EVC 2311

If you do not see your course listed in the Course Schedule, check the canceled classes section after registration ends to make sure your class has not been canceled.

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