Virtual College of Texas
Virtual College of Texas

The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a consortium of most of Texas' public two-year colleges. Austin Community College is one of the fifty community college districts represented in VCT. The mission of VCT is to provide all Texans access via instructional technologies to quality instruction and support wherever they may live, regardless of geographic, distance, or time constraints. While consortium members, including ACC, have had successful distance education programs in place for many years, VCT is a statewide strategy that shares resources and technologies in a way that didn't exist prior to its pilot offering in the fall of 1998.

VCT member institutions share Distance Learning courses based upon an operational model referred to as the Host-Provider Model that requires member institutions to meet specific criteria for providing (exporting) and hosting (importing) VCT courses. The model also incorporates specific Host/Provider responsibilities covering instructional issues, student support services, and administrative issues.

Students enroll at their local community college (the Host) and receive instruction from a remote college (the Provider). The Host College admits the students, registers them, and provides all student support services; the Provider College delivers the course content. The student pays tuition and fees at the local Host College, and then the Host College pays the Provider College a per-student instructional lease fee.

ACC's participation in VCT is primarily in the role of the Provider College; ACC hosts very few courses. For additional information about the Virtual College of Texas program at ACC, please refer to the following links:

In cooperation with the Virtual College of Texas, ACC is participating in state-wide program to offer online degrees and certificates. Please read State-Wide Online Degree Program for information.