Faculty FAQs

What is the attendance policy for distance education students?

Regular attendance is expected of all ACC students. For distance education classes, this means students must satisfy the course's orientation requirements, and keep up with course activities, assignments, and exams. Inform students of specific course policies in the syllabus. It is at your discretion to determine whether a student is meeting the course objectives and syllabus requirements.

You must officially certify each student's class participation by the attendance certification deadline. Refer to Attendance Certification: Questions and Answers for more information.

How do I contact students who missed the orientation?

If you have students on your roster who have not completed the orientation once the semester has started, or who are not keeping up with course activities, please submit an Early Intervention Request. The goal of the Early Intervention program is to connect with at-risk students as early in the semester as possible to increase their chances for success.

How do students evaluate my distance education course?

Faculty evaluations are conducted online each semester in conjunction with on-campus evaluations. [Evaluation Calendar]

During the evaluation window, you will be asked to notify your students that the evaluation is available in Online Services. Please provide them with the link to faculty evaluation instructions for distance education students.

Are there resources to help prepare my students for Distance Education?

Students can explore their preparedness for distance education through the Am I Ready for Distance Education? self-assessment and measure their technology skills with the Technical Skills Checklist.

The Distance Education Counselor can also help with Student Services-related issues regarding online and distance education. Encourage your students to contact Carol Townsend by email at townsend@austincc.edu or by phone at (512) 223.6081 for assistance.


Distance & Alternative Education