VCT Information for ACC Faculty

Answers to most questions about teaching through Virtual College of Texas can be found in the VCT faculty welcome letter sent at the beginning of each semester. If you have other questions about the VCT program at ACC, contact the VCT Coordinator.

Online Syllabus

Syllabi for courses offered through VCT must be posted to the VCT website. Your class will not appear in the VCT course schedule unless a syllabus is attached to it, and if your course doesn't appear, students cannot reserve space. Instructions for attaching/editing a syllabus can be found after logging into the VCT website.

Faculty Loading

The ACC class limit is reduced by the number of spaces set aside for VCT students to avoid overloading the section. Spaces not used by VCT students at the end of the registration period revert back to ACC for Add/Drop registration.


VCT students register at their local Host College, so they do not appear in Datatel or Online Services, and are not included on ACC class rosters. Faculty receive a copy of the VCT reservation when a student registers for the class. Distance Learning forwards a preliminary roster at the end of the VCT reservation period.

ACC instructors sign Host Colleges' Day of Record (DOR) Rosters online. Information on this process can be found after logging into the VCT website.

Student Orientations

Orientation is equally critical for VCT student success as it is for other Distance Learning students. VCT students should participate in an online course orientation.


VCT students receive a welcome memo from Distance Learning that includes details about ordering textbooks online from the ACC Bookstore.


Testing is conducted at the VCT student's Host College Testing Center. Please submit a VCT Testing Transmittal FormPDF and all testing materials for the course to the Distance Learning Office as early as possible to allow maximum testing time for VCT students. Additional information on testing procedures is included in the VCT faculty welcome letter.

Final Grade Reports

VCT students are not included on ACC final grade reports. When a Host College's registrar releases a VCT Final Grade Report, the ACC instructor will receive an email explaining that the grade report is available for appropriate action. ACC instructors sign Host Colleges' Final Grade Reports online. Instructions can be found after logging into the VCT website.

ACC VCT Coordinators


Credit Courses

Chris Davis
Distance Learning Assistant
Distance Learning
ACC Pinnacle Campus
7748 Highway 290 West
Austin, Texas 78736
Phone: (512) 223.8028
Fax: (512) 223.8988

Continuing Education

Barbara Hanley, RN
Nurse Refresher Coordinator
Continuing Education
ACC Highland Business Center
5930 Middle Fiskville Road
Austin, Texas 78752
Phone: (512) 223.7485
Fax: (512) 223.7030


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