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Beginning the Semester


The ACCeID gives faculty access to most online applications including Blackboard, Online Services, Library services, and Wireless access. Refer to the website for instructions, FAQs, and contact information for assistance.

ACC Online Services

Faculty may use Online Services to check teaching schedules, generate current class rosters, and submit student final performance grades.


DL faculty are strongly encouraged to use Blackboard—its features can help provide students greater access to course information; such as the syllabus, and instructional resources through one convenient portal. Faculty should refer to the Blackboard Support website for essential information on getting started using Blackboard, as well as Faculty and Student FAQs, Quick Start Guides, and Blackboard User Manuals.

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention program focuses on DL students who may need additional support in a non-traditional learning environment, and assists faculty in keeping those students in their courses as active participants. By reaching out to at-risk students early in the semester, we can increase their opportunities for success. Use the Early Intervention Request Form to contact Distance Learning for assistance in reaching students who have missed orientations, fallen behind in coursework, neglected to submit assignments or exams, or if we can provide student services referral information to you or your students. Note: Students attending Texas public colleges can withdraw from no more than six courses during their undergraduate career. DL faculty are strongly encouraged to submit an Early Intervention request before withdrawing non-participating students from DL courses.


In order to make course information readily available to all students, DL instructors are expected to have their course syllabus online. Please post your current syllabus on your course website or in Blackboard. The syllabus is an especially important resource for DL students; it must be accurate and provide all necessary information for students to maximize their time and efforts and complete the course successfully.

Virtual College of Texas (VCT)

If you have agreed to participate in the VCT program, you should have received a preliminary VCT Reservation Roster at the end of the registration period listing the VCT students in your course, along with their contact information and VCT Host College details. Please if you did not receive a preliminary roster.

VCT students register at their local Host College; therefore, they do not appear on ACC class rosters or grade reports. ACC instructors sign Host Colleges' Date of Record Rosters and VCT Final Grade Reports online, eliminating the need to mail original documents between ACC and the Host Colleges; refer to VCT Information for ACC Faculty for details.

Testing is similar to the Distance Testing process. A VCT Testing Transmittal Form must be included with the exam materials when submitted to DL. To expedite processing, please submit one set of exams for each student on the VCT preliminary roster. If you have multiple VCT Host Colleges represented on your roster, you may submit one VCT Testing Transmittal Form; leave the student and VCT Host College information blank, and we'll copy and complete the individual transmittals for you. The Host College testing proctor will return completed exams directly to you for grading. If you have a VCT student wishing to complete exams at a location other than the designated VCT Host College, DL will need confirmation documentation from the proctoring institution, as stated in the Distance Testing procedure.

Support for DL Students

Distance Learning 101

If you discover that students are having problems with distance education, encourage them to visit the following resources:

  • Learning Style Survey: Students can explore their learning style compatibility with distance education.
  • Technical Skills Checklist: Students can measure their technology skills, and find tutorials to develop, review, or renew those skills.

Distance Learning Counselor

ACC offers specialized counseling services to address the unique needs of DL students. The Distance Learning Counselor can help them understand how to select appropriate courses and decide on reasonable academic loads, and address other Student Services questions regarding online and distance education. Encourage your students to , or contact her by phone at (512) 223.8187.

Distance Testing

The Distance Testing program provides a way for students located outside of the Austin area to complete assessment requirements for their courses in a safe and secure environment from their remote location. This component will explain the processes and procedures for this service:

ITV Viewing Information & Cable TV Schedule

Each ITV instructor receives a beginning-of-the-semester packet that includes programming information ("Telecourse Info Sheet") and other support materials. The Telecourse Info Sheet and viewing information must be detailed in the course syllabus. Refer students to the Instructional Television (ITV) website for details on ITV viewing options and the Cable TV Schedule.

Library Services for DL Students

DL students have access to Library resources via telephone, computer, and mail, in addition to the on-campus ACC Libraries. For complete details about the Library services available for DL students, visit the Library Services website. DL students may also for assistance.

*New* An after-hours Library Chat service — AskAcademic — is now available to ACC students.

Student Evaluation of Faculty

ACC faculty evaluations are conducted each semester. Feedback received from the evaluations is vital to the success of the program; it is shared with instructional departments, and used to improve courses to better meet student needs. During the evaluation period, DL students login to Online Services and choose "Distance Learning Faculty Evaluation" from the menu. After selecting the current term, a list of the student's DL courses will be displayed, along with the faculty names teaching the courses. The student selects each course/instructor, completes the evaluation, and submits it. Refer to the DL Faculty Evaluation Tutorial for additional information. Note: Once an evaluation has been submitted, the student is no longer able to evaluate that course and instructor. Students will not be able to use the online evaluation once they have received a final grade for the course.

Student ID Cards

ACC students must present a Student ID Card in order to use the Academic Testing Centers, Libraries, Learning Labs, and other campus-based services. Students can come to any campus Admissions & Records Office to have the photo ID card made. Students must present a valid state or federally issued photo ID, such as a Driver's License, to receive their permanent ACC Student ID card. Note: ID cards for Distance Learning students are not mailed. Remind students to visit a campus Admissions & Records Office early in the semester to obtain an ID card so they won't experience problems later when needing to take exams or use other campus services.

Textbook Purchasing Options

Students may purchase textbooks online from the ACC Bookstore website.

Tutoring Options

DL students may visit the Learning Labs on campus for tutoring and tailored individual instruction. Services include one-on-one and group tutoring as well as tutor-lead study groups in a variety of subject areas. Refer DL students to the Learning Labs website for information about tutoring and computer lab services available, as well as campus locations and hours of operation.

ACC students may also take advantage of free online tutoring services from SMARTHINKING. Live, one-on-one help is offered in the following areas: Writing, Grammar, Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Spanish, and Economics. Students login through Blackboard.

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