Distance Learning Forms Inventory
Distance Learning Forms Inventory

Student Forms

  • VCT Host Request Form
    The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a consortium of Texas public two-year colleges that facilitates the sharing of distance education courses among institutions. ACC students may complete this form to request having a course from another Texas college hosted at ACC. ACC academic departmental approval is required in order for DL to host VCT courses. Refer to the VCT Information for ACC Students for details about the VCT program before completing this form.

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Faculty Forms

DL Support Services

  • Early Intervention Request Form
    The Early Intervention Program focuses on DL students who may need additional support in a non-traditional learning environment, and assists faculty in keeping those students in their DL courses as active participants. Instructors should use this form to contact DL for assistance in reaching students who have missed orientations, fallen behind in coursework, neglected to submit assignments or exams, or if we can provide student services referral information to you or your students.
  • VCT Testing Transmittal Form
    DL instructors should complete this form and submit it to the DL Office with the exams for VCT students participating in their classes through the VCT program at ACC. Refer to the VCT Information for Faculty for complete details about the program.

DL Course Development & Scheduling

Administrative Media Support Services

  • ACC-TV CH 19 - Informational Slides - Submission Form
    The Video Bulletin Board disseminates college-wide information, announcements, and ACC job postings to the community via ACC Channel 19 during gaps in scheduled programming. To have an information displayed on ACC Channel 19 via the Video Bulletin Board, please complete the online submission form.

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DL Staff Forms

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