Distance Learning Information
About Distance Learning

Distance Learning offers students a convenient way to earn college credit by participating in Online and Hybrid classes. Course content and transferability to four-year colleges is identical to classes offered on campus. DL courses run during standard ACC sessions. There are deadlines for completing exams and assignments. Typically, tests are taken on campus in the Academic Testing Centers, or at other approved Distance Testing sites. Students follow all the same admissions and registration procedures. DL courses have limited enrollments, and may fill and close prior to the end of the registration period. The Course Schedule provides mandatory DL Course Orientation instructions, instructor website and contact information, and other important pre-registration details for all DL classes.

Distance Learning classes give students more scheduling flexibility, but they also require good time management skills and self-motivation for successful completion. They may not suit every student's needs, expectations, or learning style. Visit Distance Learning 101 to get a better indication of your aptitude for distance education so you can decide whether a DL class is right for you.

The following types of courses are offered:

ONLOnline Courses (ONL)

Students use the Internet and email to complete coursework online. Testing may occur on campus.

HYDHybrid Courses (HYD)

Students use the Internet for much of the coursework, with some mandatory classroom and/or laboratory meeting times also scheduled.

There are also extremely limited offerings of the following types of courses:

PRNPrint-Based Courses (PRN)

Students use textbooks and study guides. Some classes may also incorporate audio or videotapes, email, and the Internet.

ITVTelecourses (ITV)

Students watch videos on cable. Some programs are streamed online. Learn more about ITV viewing options.