Distance Learning Task Force

Changes to support quality distance learning & alternative learning

The 2017 Distance Learning task force was charged to make recommendations to the Provost Office for development of comprehensive guidelines related to:

  1. Standards in regard to access, federal regulations, regional accreditation and state agency compliance;
  2. Online program and course development, including the development and sharing of model course templates and materials;
  3. Program and course revisions;
  4. Evaluation and quality assurance for courses, programs, and instructors;
  5. Training and professional development requirements and needs;
  6. Instructional design support;
  7. Student support services, including advising, counseling, testing, and tutoring;
  8. Development and implementation of competency-based education (CBE) courses and programs for DL delivery;
  9. Development and implementation of open education resources (OER) based courses and programs for DL delivery; and
  10. Other related topics of importance as determined by the task force.

The task force proposed an administrative rule to provide a guiding principle used to set direction for distance education in ACC and a distance learning faculty handbook.

2017 Task Force Members

  • Erasmus Addae, Dean of Distance & Alternative Education (Chair)
  • Grant Potts, Philosophy Department Chair (Co-Chair)
  • Allan Purcell, History
  • Arun John, English
  • Rise Lara, Communications
  • Rene Lumampao, Mathematics


  • Carol Hirsh, Health and Kinesiology
  • Amardeep Kahlon, Computer Science
  • Michelle Fitzpatrick, Hospitality Management
  • Sheila Ammons, Accounting
  • Gerald Hildebrand, Criminal Justice

Support Services

  • Rachel Barrera, Represents Instructional Design and all DL Training
  • Ninghua Han, Represents Competency Based Instruction
  • Carol Townsend, Student Services, DL Counselor
  • Erasmus Addae, Dean of Distance & Alternative Education
  • Nancy Laudenschlager, Continuing Education

Distance & Alternative Education