Learning Style Survey

Complete each phrase below by selecting the response that best describes your learning style and characteristics. Click the "Score" button to see your results.

1. I usually complete homework and assignments:

a. on time.

b. at the last minute.

c. past the deadline.

2. I am considering taking a Distance Learning class:

a. because the flexibility fits my schedule.

b. to add another course to a full load.

c. because I never make it to my campus classes.

3. In doing homework:

a. I can usually do it with little or no help.

b. I sometimes get additional help.

c. I rarely finish without help.

4. If I have trouble with an assignment:

a. I get help as soon as possible.

b. I put it off until the week of the exam.

c. I hope it won't be worth too much on the test.

5. Textbooks are:

a. easy for me to follow.

b. somewhat easy to follow.

c. confusing and frustrating.

6. When it comes to studying:

a. I am a self-motivated learner.

b. I need encouragement.

c. I wait until the last minute.

7. When I turn in an assignment, I:

a. go on to the next task while waiting for feedback.

b. need feedback within a few days.

c. need immediate feedback.

8. Meeting with my instructor and classmates in person:

a. is not important to me.

b. is helpful but not essential.

c. is very important to me.

9. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies:

a. I enjoy trying new things.

b. I'm a little uncomfortable, but I'll try.

c. I'm very uncomfortable and want help.

10. I classify myself as a:

a. highly independent learner.

b. somewhat independent learner.

c. dependent learner.

How did you do?

If you scored from 20-30: You are probably suited for a Distance Learning class. You are an independent learner who doesn't need constant supervision, and you have the self-discipline to complete tasks on time. You are ready to look at the online course offerings.

If you scored from 10-20: You should think very carefully about signing up for a Distance Learning class. If you do decide to take a Distance Learning class, please realize that you may need to adjust your learning strategies to maximize your potential for success.

If you scored from 0-10: You are probably better suited for traditional classroom courses at this time.

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