Distance Learning 101
Learning Style Survey

The following assessment will give you an indication of your aptitude for distance education. Complete each phrase below by selecting the response that best describes your learning style and characteristics. When you have finished the survey, click the "Score" button to see your results.

1. I usually complete homework and other assignments


2. I am considering taking a Distance Learning class


3. In doing homework


4. If I am having difficulty with an assignment


5. Textbooks are


6. When it comes to studying


7. When I turn in work


8. Face-to-face meetings with my instructor and my classmates


9. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies as a learner


10. As a learner, I would classify myself as being



How did you do?

If you scored from 20-30: You are probably suited for a Distance Learning class. You are an independent learner who doesn't need constant supervision, and you have the self-discipline to complete tasks on time. You are ready to look at the online course offerings.

If you scored from 10-20: You probably need to think very carefully about signing up for a Distance Learning class. If you do decide to take a Distance Learning class, please realize that you will probably have to adjust your learning strategies to maximize your potential for success.

If you scored from 0-10: You are probably better suited for traditional classroom courses at this time.

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