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The Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a consortium of most of Texas' public two-year colleges, created to facilitate the sharing of distance education courses among member institutions. Students enroll at their local community college (the host college) and receive instruction from a remote college (the provider college). Austin Community College is primarily a provider college; ACC hosts a very limited number of courses from other schools.


VCT Hosting Guidelines and Procedures

  • Prepare as early as possible. Prior to requesting that ACC host a course from another institution, a student should make every attempt to enroll in an existing ACC course, including inquiring with the academic department about options available to the student at ACC. (An alternative to ACC hosting a course is for a student to take it directly from the offering institution. There may be additional admission processes and fees, but it can be worth it if the course is necessary.)
  • Student must provide satisfactory rationale for requesting a course be hosted rather than waiting for an alternative semester to take the course through ACC. Requiring a course to graduate from another institution is not compelling enough to ensure that ACC will host. Student should make arrangements to take the course at "graduating" institution, rather than going through VCT.
  • Student must be a current ACC student, completing courses within the current or previous semester, and ACC will only host courses that are in the ACC catalog.
  • Fill out Part I of the VCT Host Request FormPDF and forward it to the ACC VCT Coordinator for credit courses at least 3 weeks before the first ACC class day to allow enough time for processing.
  • ACC's Distance Education department can disqualify a request if procedures are not followed, and Academic departments have the final say as to whether a hosted course meets necessary requirements to be transcripted by ACC.
  • If a valid request is made, the ACC VCT Coordinator will compile a package of information on the course and instructor and forward it to the ACC academic department for their approval. Their decision is final.
  • If request is denied by the academic department, the ACC VCT Coordinator will inform the student, usually by email or phone, and refer to potential alternatives such as taking course directly from providing college.
  • Upon departmental approval, the ACC VCT Coordinator will have a restricted section of the course set up for the student to register through the ACC online registration system. Regular tuition and fees will be due in accordance with ACC policies.
  • The ACC VCT Coordinator will also be the contact to help facilitate student support services required for the course such as assistance with testing.

For information on requesting to have a Continuing Education course hosted, please contact the ACC VCT Coordinator for Continuing Education.

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